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Welcome to Alan-Miller.org

Alan S. Miller

Marin County, California
March 17, 2005

Note from the webmaster: While it's been difficult to keep this site current with new articles from Alan, many of his current editorials are available online at the site for the Marin Independent Journal.

Special Features

Although I have been a teacher of one kind or another for most of my working life, one of my consistent joys has been writing articles for daily newspapers.

Newspapers are read by just about everyone. They usually have more immediate relevance than most other kinds of writing. This web site has been organized to enable my opinion/editorials to be more generally available.

The book "Another Voice: Speaking About People," released in March 2005, is a selection of articles published in recent years. All proceeds from the book go to support "Every Dollar Feeds Kids," a program helping poor children in Mexico.

Thanks for tuning in.

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